Motivation Monday's

Welcome to Blush & Darling's Motivation Monday's! A little thing I wanted to start for my followers. A place to look at some inspiring quotes and images to start your week off, and of course a little blurb from me. Hope you enjoy!

It's that time of the week guys. If you're anything like me, Monday's trigger some anxiety. You don't know what's to come for the week ahead. So what I like to do is start my day off with a cup of coffee in bed and scroll through images and quotes that make me happy or that I resonate with. In a positive light, Monday's are completely fresh starts. It's a brand new week. A chance to start something new. A chance to have a new mindset or goal and get things done. The right quotes and images get me in the right head space and motivate me. So, if you guys have the same problem- you can meet me here! Every Monday morning, to add a little sparkle to your day! :)

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