Finding My Way- The Beginning

When I was younger- and even up to just a year and a half ago, I would DREAM of running a business and doing something that would make people proud. I would dream and dream and picture myself as this successful woman. This woman who had self confidence, and knew exactly what she wanted, and how to get it. But what also came with that dream- were eye rolls, brush offs and a lot of "yeah rights!"- from myself. There was no way I could gain the knowledge to even know where to start- or even just find something to build a business on.

And that's as far as that dream went for me. A dream. Something that was nice to think about- but would no way ever become a reality.

I can't even begin to tell you how much doubt kills more dreams than you will ever imagine. How much doubt takes away so many people's potential that they didn't know they already had. Is it the fear and embarrassment of failing? Is it the fear of lacking knowledge? Is it the fear of just simply thinking you're not enough? Probably all of the above for me and I'm sure for a lot of other people as well.

I couldn't exactly tell you what changed for me. It's not like I magically woke up one day and gained this self awareness that I had the potential to chase these dreams. It took a lot of self growth, a lot of change in my personal life and a lot, A LOT, of self love. I started to believe that I am just as capable as the next person.

The power of your thoughts is mind blowing. The way you think and the way you treat yourself is the make or break. If you believe that you are capable, and if you believe you are destined for great things- then there is nothing that can stop you.

And I guess that's what brought me to now. My struggle with downplaying myself for so so long, and never believing someone like myself could be capable of big dreams and a successful life, makes me want to help others know their worth. Especially women. We are ALL so wildly capable of our dreams if we just have enough guts to chase them. And with that I guess I found my niche. I want to lift others up. I want everyone to know their worth. Every single life matters and no one should sit back and feel they aren't good enough or worthy of greatness.

I'm not saying I have accomplished my dream. This is just the beginning. But what I did accomplish is starting. I started Blush & Darling and I have big big plans. And I will chase them. Will I fail sometimes? Probably. Will I keep going? Absolutely.

Here's to the beginning of Blush & Darling. Thank you for joining this journey with me!

-Alicia Bilawka

Blush & Darling

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