6 ways to survive these chaotic times!

If you're anything like me- you are sitting there right now quietly, thinking to yourself... what in the actual F is going on in this world right now. It almost seems so unbelievable to be true. You see stuff like this in movies and you read stuff like this in history books. But to actually be living through this!? It's wild.

To be honest though- staying home isn't the biggest deal for me. I am a big introvert. I mean I love getting together with the people I love. But my happy place is in my (home) office on my computer or on the couch with my pup and my man.

On the contrary- knowing you CAN'T go out and socialize, do your everyday life things, makes it different. It hits in a different way (even for this introvert). It can bring a lot of anxiety, which isn't good.

I wanted to share some ways that are on my list on how to "cope" and to pass the time and turn it into a positive.

1. Have that day time bath! If you know me, you KNOW I'm a huge fan of daytime baths. I love the sunlight shining in and laying there with a candle soaking it all up. It's a great way to reduce daytime anxiety and it lets you think clear of what you want to get done the rest of the day.

2. Binge watch your chick-flicks. Are the Kardashian's your guilty pleasure!? Wake up, stay in your PJ's, drink some coffee , or Mimosa *wink* and have a complete lazy binge day. I don't care what anyone says- sometimes these days are amazing for the soul. To completely let go of your reality and what is going on around you, what you need to get done and so on, let it go!

3. Start a project! Have you always wanted to start a blog? Have you wanted to start writing in that journal that you bought two years ago because it was "so cute" but wrote one day in it and forgot? Yeah Alicia I'm talking about you. Well! Now's the perfect time to start. It will be so interesting to read back on this part of our lives and how we felt and dealt with everything.

4. Do some self care stuff you've been putting off! Get out the nail polish and paint your toes. Shave, your legs (again looking at you Alicia), exfoliate your whole body. Give your hair an at home mask treatment. Give your face a mask& scrub as well!

5. Read that book that's sitting on your nightstand (wipe the dust off first of course). Curl up in your comfy spot with your blanket (and heating pad) and read away. Just like binge watching Netflix, it wisks you away from the present for a little while.

6. Have some family time! (If you're with them!) Pull out those board games, pour yourself a little drinky poo and enjoy these times together. These are the times you'll remember. All the laughs, the talks, the memories. If there's anything positive about all of this, is the time we get to slow down and be there with eachother.

So there we have it folks! A list of what I've been doing LOL. I hope these help some of you and give you ideas on how to pass the time. I know a lot of people cannot handle sitting still (which I totally get), so coming up with ways to pass the time can drive you mad.

We're all in this together. We have to be. There will be a time again when we can all get together and laugh and enjoy things like we did.

Much love!!


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