Blush & Darling, the Clothing Label, was founded by Alicia Arlene Bilawka, born and raised Canadian Girl. The idea of Blush & Darling is to empower women, let every woman know how capable she is and to spread positivity wherever we go.

“I was forever that girl on the sidelines sitting back and seeing so many successful women go after their dreams and think “Wow! That seems amazing. But I am nowhere close to having what it takes or cut out for that life.” I can’t really tell you what changed in me other than day by day making small changes in my life and eventually realizing how capable I truly was. So I decided I, myself, wanted to empower women. To let every girl know that she has a voice, that whatever dream she has, she is capable of achieving. To lift others up, whether it be a woman personally, or another woman’s business. Whatever it may be. We are not in competition, we are all in this together. And that’s what I love about women supporting women & my new love for design has gave me this opportunity.

With empowering designs on casual, comfortable clothing, Alicia hopes to uplift women and inspire them to go after their dreams and realize their own worth. The sky is the limit with Blush & Darling and we can't wait to share with you everything to come!


Alicia Arlene Bilawka (Founder)